I want to write a book!

People write books for many reasons, to tell a story, to inspire, to teach, and to preserve. A book is also the new business card! What ever your reason is, START HERE!

Coaching is available!

I want to work with Christina! 956-802-0004 or christinademara@gmail.com

Thinking about self-publishing your book? Meaningful Writing & Self-Publishing is “Your Guide to Igniting Your Pen, Faith, Creativity & Entrepreneurship.”

This is the only resource you will need to get your book in your hands!

Through my personal experience, I will walk you through my self-publishing process. This book has detailed chapters, hands-on activities that encourage creativity, provoke your ideas, and will give you access to a free Facebook group. There is a lot to read and room to write!

Discover how to:

*create ideas through your personal and professional experiences

*map your chapters out

*how to generate barcodes and ISBN numbers

*how to get your book published with main retailers

*how to get print copies in your hands

Meaningful Writing & Self-Publishing is all about writing intentionally with a heart of faith to change as many lives as possible.