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Christina DeMara is the idealistic creator and author of the two leadership doctrines coined as Meaningful Leadership and Early Life Leadership. She is a Christian, mother, wife, and, educator, public speaker, curriculum creative, and promoter of giving. Her first job, as a high school dropout, was at fifteen, working for the Kirby Vacuum Company. She later completed her bachelor’s degree in interdisciplinary studies with a minor in special education where she found a deep passion for teaching students with exceptionalities. She proudly holds three master’s degrees in special education, educational administration and leadership, and a third in curriculum and instruction, from the University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley. She later completed her doctoral course work in business and leadership.

She has experienced and studied leadership theory, organizational models, and business strategy. She is best known for her creative ideal formulation and interactive books, Early Life Leadership Workbook for Girls, and I’m Not Broken: The Power of Prayer, Scripture, and Interactive Journaling.

Christina DeMara has overcome many obstacles in life through the grace of God and tries every day to motivate others. She enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach and to church, cooking, research, teaching, do-it-yourself projects, and trying new restaurants.

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